Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fenfolk: The Myeri Marsh Demons

The Myeri were the first non-humans to walk in the human world. They came from the sea, but nobody knows if they travelled from another realm by aquatic portals or whether they walked the ocean floor since time immemorial. Wherever they came from, they came onto land and colonised the shores and cliffs of the human world, building their castles of stone where they could overlook the water from which they came.

When the Fae discovered the human realm they saw the ugliness of the Myeri's form and their strong wills and decided they were unfit to be a part of the great project the Fae saw this world as. The gentle Myeri were easily forced from their lands by the armies of the Fae and took up refuge in desolate marshland. Time taught them to grow bitter towards the Fae and their human agents. They were particularly wary of the destructive habits they perceived within the humans and took to frightening off any visitors who strayed into the fens. The humans in turn learnt to fear the Myeri, referring to them as Marsh Demons.

The Myeri have an affinity with the natural world and most creatures are their friends. The birds, particularly, are often used by the Myeri as messengers and spies. The wizards of the Meri, the Draoi, blindfold marsh crows which they guide inland and perceive with magical sight all that the crows pass over.

When they built their castles of stone the Myeri enlisted the help of the Woldlice, powerful creatures they brought with them from the ocean. In their marshy homes the Woldlice serve as guardians and pack animals.

A less savoury denizen of the swamps is the Kelpie. Rarely seen, these creatures adopt the form of an elegant black stallion and permit travellers to reign and mount them. The Kelpie then dashes into the nearest pool, drowns its rider and, reverting to its natural form, consumes the hapless mortal. They are no friends of the Myeri, but the tales of their gruesome acts help to keep humans out of the fens and away from Myeri settlements.

The Myeri Marsh Demons are available to order now from Oakbound Games, please email for order details. These 28mm scale miniatures are made from lead, supplied unpainted and unassembled and do not include bases or weaponry. The Myeri's ceremonial two-handed swords are available to purchase separately.

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